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Keep your neck mobile - with these quick stretches!

Necks get really easily tight; Stress, pain elsewhere, bad pillows and rubbish mattresses, poor breathing, computer work, smartphones.... The list goes on and on and on.

As a tight neck can create more troubles than purely tight muscles in your neck, it needs some regular looking after it and love!

Especially, if you are an office worker, suffer from stress or have had whiplash in the past.

Not only does a tight neck mean, painful neck muscles and irritated neck joints that can lead to locking and stiffness; It can also result in headaches, shoulder pain, lower back pain, teeth grinding, disc damage, pins and needles in your hands, interfere with your breathing and give you digestive pains.

Take good care of it and ease it off regularly with these easy exercises. They dont take long and you can even do them at work! No excuses :)

If your neck is still giving you grief, maybe consider visiting an osteopath, to sort it!

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