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"Endelig en behandler som behandler hele mennesket - ikke bare en vond skulder eller rygg! Svært fornøyd med Stephanie som behandler, og i tillegg er hun en utrolig behagelig og flott person. God med både voksne og barn!" Heidi Forberg, Søgne




"Hadde slitt med store ryggsmerter i mange mnd å prøvd flere forskjellige behandlingsmetoder uten resultat. Etter kun få behandlinger er jeg nå helt smertefri. Anbefaler Stephanie på det varmeste." Brynhild Johnsen, Kristiansand

"Fantastiske Stephanie. Så koselig, fantastisk og imøtekommende og forklarer så greit, absolutt å anbefale videre. Ho er absolutt interessert i dine plager og du får gode tips og råd." Silje Rognhaugen, Kristiansand

"Stephanie Stremair treated me for a few weeks and, within that period of time, she managed to heal a problem that I had been dragging on for years in spite of many other medical consultations.


It's clear to me that Stephanie has all the trademarks of the very best therapists. That is, beyond being an exceptionally talented osteopath (which isn’t the least of her achievements), she is eager to share her knowledge, explain what she is doing and why she is doing it, as well as advise in what to do as to prevent the recurrence of the problem.


I all the more appreciated her care because she is extremely friendly, thoughtful and you can feel that she likes what she does. 


My only regret is that she moved away from Stavanger… Kristiansand inhabitants are so lucky to have her as one of their community!"

Marc, Stavanger




"I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to have you treat me, Stephanie. You just knows where the pain is coming from and how to treat it. I have complete confidence in your skills and trust you to treat me with competence and gentleness"

Sandra, Sola

"I am a 50 year old ex soldier with a back injury that I have suffered with for over 10 years. Every day has been quite painful which I was wrongly learning to accept by adjusting my sitting positions etc I have had numerous treatments and consultations all without success until I started atreatment programme with Stephanie. With a holistic approach Stephanie helped me rebalance my posture through a series of treatments and daily exercises.


I can honestly say I have witnessed a 100% improvement since the start of thetreatment.


Not only is Stephanie a very accomplished osteopath but she is also a lovely person and someone I would highly recommend."

Paul, Tananger




"You are a brilliant osteopath and I feel completely at ease with you"

Mina, Bryne




"Stephanie, Thank you so much for your healing session with my mom- she feels much better and her constipation is gone."

Banat, Sandnes

Kristiansand Osteopathic Treatment for the whole family helping back pain, neck pain, lower back trouble, sciatica, headaches, constipation, joint aches, arthritis, muscle spasms, sports injuries, Osteopathy osteopat osteopati i Kristiansand.

"I consulted Stephanie Stremair after developing pain in my pelvis and back during my second pregnancy, leading to problems with sleeping and walking, with one of my legs consistently giving way. 

Stephanie’s treatment quickly made a huge difference to me and I am convinced that had she not treated me, I would have had real problems walking by the end of my pregnancy.


Stephanie's treatment of me postnatally meant that i recovered much faster than in my first pregnancy with less aches and pains. 

I have found Stephanie to be extremely well presented and very professional in appearance and manner and she has a very warm friendly and caring personality.


Stephanie is wonderful with children and not only successfully treated my newborn baby’s colic, but also kept my three year old entertained and involved during the session.


I am hugely grateful to Stephanie for the treatment she gave to me and my baby and I feel that she is a real loss for Salisbury.


I know that I am not alone in feeling that as many of my friends have also consulted and recommended Stephanie


I wish Stephanie all the best in her future career and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking osteopathic treatment."

Rachel Wilson

"Just to say thank you for all your care and attention over the past three years. It has been much appreciated and your happy temperament makes you such a good healer. Long may you continue doing so much good."





"Thank you so much for your patience and help with Millie it has helped to make a difficult time manageable."

Christine and Millie




"We were so sorry to hear that you were moving on, but happy for you that you’re going on an exciting new adventure! Thank you so much for all of your understanding and care over the last 3-4 years. Without probably realising it, you have been a great comfort to us all, especially as we have discovered Joseph’s condition. To have had someone like you has been very special and made a huge difference to my family. We hope that your new venture is filled with hope and excitement, and blessed in a special way. We will keep you updated with Joseph. take good care."

Liz and Michael




"Thank you for all you have done for me and my back you have made my life more comfortable."



"I was a patient of Stephanie for nearly four years until she moved to Norway.

During that time she treated me on a regular basis for back pain, neck and shoulder stiffness and even once for a jaw problem.  I cannot speak highly enough of her competence and unfailing courtesy.  I can recommend her with complete confidence. I shall miss her very much both as an Osteopath and as a friend."

Evelyn from Wilton, near Salisbury




"I cannot tell you how much you have been to me and how much you have helped me. I just dont know how we are going to manage without you but I wish you all the best and hope you have a very happy future."


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