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Stiff back in the morning? Here are THE exercises for you!

Loads of patients keep asking me for some tips for stiff backs: A few of them are due to wear and tear, some have got tight muscles and others struggle with their posture or have bad sleeping habits.

My first ever video! A gentle reminder for my lovely patients

These are some of the best exercises to beat stiff backs! Great at anytime of day, but particularly useful in the morning, when those muscles and joints have not been moving all night!

As I realised that it is easy to forget the list of exercises I show you, I thought it would be nice to have some as a reference on here! So, in honour of the first ever newsletter going out soon, here are some tips for a healthy and mobile back- right from when the alarm goes off :)

Why do them?

These moves stretch the muscles, move the joints (which lubricate them and that means more movement!), help with the congestion that is being build up over the night! Tissue congestion means that there is more fluid in the area, which can stop movement and hence be the cause for the stiffness.

Enjoy looking after your back! :) If you have any questions, just be in touch!

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