30 Jun 2016

Necks get really easily tight; Stress, pain elsewhere, bad pillows and rubbish mattresses,  poor breathing, computer work, smartphones.... The list goes on and on and on. 

As a tight neck can create more troubles than purely tight muscles in your neck, it needs so...

6 Apr 2016

Grinding and clenching  your teeth sounds like a painful and tiring  pastime: Yet, most of us don't know, that we are guilty of it ourselves. Often a dentist or osteopath will be the first to let you know about it! 

Bruxism is the medical term for grindin...

14 Dec 2014

Found this wonderful body art of a pregnant women on the net.


The miracle of pregnancy should be glorified more often! Nothing is more satisfying then helping a mummy-to-be during these special months with her changing body! Lots of pregnant ladies are lucky and go thr...

14 Nov 2014

The use of our smartphones has become indispensable- Along side of using it for calls we have become reliant on them for texting, checking emails, googling, reading the news, playing… You are likely to read this right now! We are constantly glued to them and there is s...

11 Nov 2014

Great little video clearly explaining some little tricks for laptop use:


Remembering these little changes on a daily basis has postural benefits that reduce computer related ailments- in Norwegian often collectively referred to as "PC-armen". This includes neck strains...

27 Sep 2014

Headaches are a very common medical problem and can interfere with the ability to work and other daily tasks. Some people suffer from frequent headaches, and other lucky ones have never had one. 

Headaches is one of my favourite things to treat as I can really appreciat...

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My love for osteopathy- How it all began!

4 May 2016

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